Accounts Payable

The accounts payable process is a critical task that all small businesses need to maintain accurately and in a timely manner every month to keep their business running smoothly.

Like every business, you rely on vendors to supply you with important products and services to run your business and keep it growing. You have regular monthly bills to “keep the lights on”, plus a mountain of invoices from companies that have to be carefully reviewed and paid on a timely basis to ensure you don’t overpay and keep your credit in good standing with each vendor.

The challenge for you as a business owner is finding the time and energy to process your accounts payable after a month of long hours managing your business.

Fortunately, there is a cost-effective accounts payable solution that will allow you to stop worrying about all your monthly bills and free up your time to focus on serving your customers and growing your business…

Outsource your Accounts Payable to Deb’s Bookkeeping!

For over 15 years, successful small business owners like KGO Stone have trusted Deb’s Bookkeeping to manage their accounts payable. Why? Because when you outsource your accounts payable to us, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of having an experienced bookkeeper to ensure your Accounts Payable is continuously monitored.

When you partner with Deb’s Bookkeeping to manage your accounts payable, we’ll take care of everything for you. Below is an example of what we will do for you:

  • Carefully review every bill and compare it to the products or services you received to prevent you from being overcharged.
  • Confirm any discounts or credits have been applied to your bill, communicate with the vendor to fix any errors,
  • Input vendor bills (invoices) and reconcile vendor statements to your accounts payable ledger to ensure your accounts are always accurate and up to date.
  • Provide you detailed reports on aged payables and cash requirements, and present you a summary of all bills to be paid for your review and approval.
  • Submit payment electronically from your checking account to your vendors
  • And prepare all Form 1099s.

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