Cash Management

Cash Management is a phrase accountants and bookkeepers use to describe the process of tracking and managing the cash in your small business. The day-to-day process of managing your business’ cash flow will allow you to understand how much cash you have available, but that’s just the beginning…

Proper cash management also provides you a clear picture of where your cash is being generated. It’s great to know how much money you made, but to effectively manage and grow your business, you’ll also want to know which products and services are generating cash, which customers are purchasing your products and services, or what stores generate those sales for you every month, quarter and year.

Deb’s Cash Management Process

To help you effectively manage your cash, Deb’s Bookkeeping can cost-effectively manage all your business’ cash flow across all your accounts using industry-standard tools and best practices to provide you the critical business data you need to keep your business running smoothly.

When you partner with us, we will…

  • Record sales and deposit reports each month to provide you a clear and complete breakdown of which products, services, customers or stores are generating sales revenue for your business.
  • Verify deposits and report variances to ensure your cash balances are always accurate.
  • Reconcile and verify credit card deposits.
  • Reconcile monthly bank statements to eliminate inaccuracies and provide you accurate totals to make the best business decisions.

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